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In the past 15 plus years I have worked as a freelance art editor, illustrator, designer mainly in the publishing industry, but also for other clients.

As a designer I design logos, icons, brochures and websites, and create lay-outs and pages for books and magazines.
For websites I use wordpress and other CMS or hand-code pages with html and css. I create small flash applications and movies.
I upload the site and maintain the pages.
I create printed and/or ebooks from your manuscript.

As an art editor I direct studios and individual artists to create illustrations for text books.
For math books I develop art pieces that help students see mathematical concepts in everyday objects and situations, and design specs for the purely mathematical pieces like coordinate grids, geometry art and graphs and charts that match the overall design of the book.
For foreign language textbooks I design illustrations that show authentic places and people, taking into account the diversity of all.
I see the project through from manuscript to printable file.

As an illustrator I create charts, graphs and objects.